Dental Patient Education Videos

Dental Patient education videos and animations are common place today.  There are many companies that make these products and there are lots of choices in the markeplace which has lowered the costs significantly.  Dental animations are a great way to explain what words simply cannot.  If you are seeking to add dental patient education videos and animations to your website you are probably looking at a monthly fee that will range from approx. $30/month to $125.00 per month. 

We've seen a boom in companies that are offering dental education animations and plugins for websites.  Its really all about whether you like their content or not, there is lots of choice out there.  Some of the issues we see we waiting room DVDs is the lack of customization.  For example, the videos usually will say, "your dentist" will.... instead of Dr. Your Name can help you fix your smile .....  There are also licencing limitations with dental patient education videos.  What this means is you cannot necessarily broadcast one of the animations on Youtube or across another platform other than in the approved manner. 

You can see a website with Tooth IQ animations on this Allentown Periodontist website Potter Perio.

There are othewr companies like Optio Publishing that also provide a nice product you can view on Dr. Ken Miles website a Charlotte Area Dentist practicing in the suburbs