What is a video website

What is a video website? 

Well obviously its a website with video. But what's the difference between and Veneer Video site and others? Well, essentially we design your website and do the video at the same time ensuring that we get a unique look for your practice.  We also use video as the main driver of information as opposed to text and static images.  What this allows us to do is basically create an informercial for you that plays 24 hours a day seven days a week, and we really tap into the personality of the doctor,the team members and look at the uniqueness of your practice so that we have something that the patient can relate to.  Ultimately dentistry is a relationship business and you have to connect with those patients and those no better way to do it than through video.  

The other question people ask us.  Is this video website going to be ranked in google? Well there's a lot of factors that influence that, but t yes, it will because we do put text and static images on your site so that search engines can find your site.  We're seeing great results, the best way to find out how a Veneer Video Website can benefit your practice is to call us at 646-761-7887