What is Social Media

What is Social Media?  Social Media for Dentists

I mean everyone is talking about it.  We turn on the news and we hear about Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, but what is social media and how can you as a dentist benefit from it?  Basically its like being at a party 24/7, think about it, when you, your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, go to a party, one of the first things a new person asks you is: What do you do for a living?  Well social media allows you to connect with your friend network and others and there's lots of different ways to grow your network by using techniques, there different for Twitter, there a little different for facebook, but in the end all it is is another platform for you to generate interest in your practice.  There's lots of different ways to utilize these mediums and the best way to find out is by contacting our office today.  We have a team of experts that go to the top social media conferences in the world and there continually taking back information, we do it for ourselves and we can do it for you.  Give us a call today at 646-761-7887