Google Rankings

Everyone wants to be in google, its obvious, because thats where you need to be to attract new patients.  But there's many different ways to get in on the first page of google. There's sponsored links at the top and on the right hand side, below the sponsored links you  typically will see google local results that's where you see the map to the left and results to the right and sometimes there's reviews next to those listings and then beneath there you see the natural or organic listings.  All different areas of that google search page require different means to get there.  They also now are indexing video on the first page,  when you do a search in your area, e.g. porcelain veneers and (your city name) you'll see videos are on the first page and you're wondering how?  Well google is  now taking video content from sites like Youtube and other video channels and indexing it on the first page.  So theres a lot of different ways to get on that first page which will ultimately help you convert new patients or at least generate interest in your practice. If you want to know more about how to do that please give us a call, we have extensive experience its how we founded out company and you can call us at 646-761-7887 or simply send us an email, we'd love to help you and help you grow your practice.