Customized VS Templated

I want to  talk to you quickly about customized websites vs templates websites.  When do you use a customized website? when do you use a templated website? What are the plus minuses?  

Well a custom website's benefits are obvious, you get a unique look and feel that no other dentist has, a templated website on the other hand, gives you a look and feel that chances are that somebody else in your market area will have the same look, therefore giving you NO advantage on differentiating yourself on the web.  

Now, when do use a customized website? When do you use a templated website?  Well it really depends on your market,  look around your market and how many people are marketing themselves online. Can you get away with a templated site that looks like others? Probably you could, but if you're in a big city or in an area where threre's a lot of saavy internet marketers you need a unique look and feel to get the attention of that prospective patient, because lets face it, the competition is fierce out there.   

If you took a photo lineup of 9 people with dark brown hair and you put one person in there with red curly hair, where do you think the eyes are going to go to? They going to go to the red hair,  and that really what you're doing with websites.  The other disadvantage of templated websites that they have libraries of content, its important to understand, the content is replicated over hundreds of websites and that gives you a google duplicate content penalty which will hurt your search engine rankings and i don't know any dentist today that doesn't want their website to rank,  and thats why some of those websites cost a lot less because it costs lot more to write unique content.  It takes a lot of skill to write a definition of porcelain veneers 50 times in a unique fashion,  thats where the cost comes in, many other factors influence that.  But what's important to understand it that we tailor a program for you, for your budget and what makes sense to get you benefit from the web and were not afraid to tell you what we think we'll tell you straight up what we believe will work you.  

If you want to know more about out websites and what our options are, give us a call at 866-782-1753 or send us an email we look forward to hearing from you.