Can You Just Do Video

Can You Just Do Video?

Absolutely, we've produced and edited videos that have been added on to existing websites, produced Youtube promotional videos and many other video products but the question is somewhat similar to a patient coming to you and saying: "doctor I want you to do the preparation of my veneers but I have a great relationship with my dentist, who I want to  seat the veneers and they have a great relationship with their lab, and you say well "Yeah, I can do this work but its really not going to ultimately look the way i would like it to look because i know my results are predictable".  Well its very similar to adding video to an existing website where we don't produce the site, there are many technical factors that influence the implementation, as well as relationships.  The best way to find out if adding video to your existing website is a option with us is to give us a call today at 646-761-7887 or send us an email.