Can I make changes

Can I make my own site changes? Yes you can!  At we understand your frustrations, I can't tell you how many times I've spoke to a dentist on the phone that's been frustrated with their current webmaster because changes are not being done in a timely fashion.  They've told me, they've sent their new case photos, they sent this text, the grammar is all wrong and the photos aren't up yet.  We'll those are frustrations that we've taken care of because now all  of our dental video websites come complete with content management systems which allows you or your team to make changes at any time.

I mean you can paint your own walls, but sometimes if you get to the corners its good to call in a professional  Leave the more difficult programming and video editing to us, but day to day changes should really be done by the dental practice there's no reason why they shouldn't.  The other advantage is that if you ask us to make the changes anyone at our office can make the changes. Thats the beautiful part of content mnagement and the other plus with our content management system your website is customized not templated.