Video Blogging

Video blogging allows you to connect with your patients and communicate about different topics.  This is a way to help patients connect with your style and personality creating more conversions.

There has never been a better time than ever to take control over the marketing of your dental practice than with video blogging. There will always be another dentist that has a better piece of technology, more education, more credentials but in the end the successful practices are built through relationships with the patients.  In otherwords the patient must like you and your team and the service you provide. 

A very inexpensive way to produce low budget high quality videos is buy purchasing a flip camera they are usually in the 175 to 250 range and take very little skill to use.  If you want to learn how to video blog effectively and ensure prospective patients see you dental video blog give us a call.  Below is the flip camera we use at VeneerVideo.