The Naked Tooth

The Naked Tooth book is officially available for sale online at and Barnes and Noble.  Written by Jacksonville area cosmetic dentist Dr. Colleen Olitsky ( Smile Stylist®) , the book is written for dental consumers considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure such as veneers to improve their smile.  This book is sure to ruffle the feathers of some dentists that haven't taken much post graduate education relating to cosmetic dentistry. Most consumers are unaware that cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty and that the majority, if not all cosmetic oriented training occurs after dental school.  For the amount of money most people will spend on a smile makeover the $15.00 to $20.00 investment in this book will make sure your smile doesn't become a horror story.  You can see photos of botched and poor esthetic cases on The Naked Tooth website.  

Cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty and the standards set for care are relatively low in comparison to what new technology and procedure specific training can accomplish.  The dental boards will pursue dentists for marketing violations based on complaints usually initiated by other dentists for words that are used everyday in other elective markets.  Many states have similar rules, but words like comfortable, pain-free-, dental day spa and prohibited in many cases regardless of the truth.  For example you could walk into a dental practice that has aromatherapy candles burning and many amenities similar to that of a day spa and another practice with a sliding glass partition between you and the office manager, horrible dental smells and 25 year old dental chairs and the dentist with all the amenities for patient comfort can get in trouble if a complaint is made.  

Dentists with numerous post graduate cosmetic dental training certificates and real life experience cannot use words like "specializing in cosmetic dentistry"  All dentists are supposed to be equal, the fact is they are not.  This book exposes the industry in a way no other book has.  So whether you are a dental consumer or a cosmetic dentist this book is a must purchase.

View some bad cosmetic dentistry in the video below.