Handling Inbound Calls

How you handle an inbound phone call from your marketing is extremely important to your success.  Many practices have successful marketing campaigns but fail to get the results ( patients ) they are looking to attract for a variety of reasons.  The first impression when a prospect makes the call is so important.  Is your call handler upbeat and friendly?  Do they project a sense of excitement about your abilities as the dentist?  Too many times a poor or untrained call taker will hurt the conversion process. 

There are ways to improve your telephone skills in the dental office.  One is to implement a call tracking number to track how many calls come from a particular source.  Taking it one step further, you can record the calls for quality assurance purposes and this will also allow you to see how the call is handled and what improvements can be made.  There are professional training services out there that can improve the teams skills and convert more patients from your marketing.