Facebook Cycling Jersey Signed by Lance Armstrong

This is one cycling jersey I want to get my hands on.  The "Facebook Cycling Jersey".  I've got my Google tees, Youtube tees, even Twitter tees but this will be the ultimate. Tie in a passion for cycling, Internet marketing and Lance Armstrong and this is a winner.  Lance Armstrong is now tearing it up on the pro triathlon tour, competing in several Ironman 70.3 events.  He came 2nd overall at his debut in Panama and is competiting in several other 70.3 events. There's a Facebook contest on his Facebook page to guess Lance Armstrong's time at the Ironman 70.3 in St Croix.  I guessed 4:07:11 about 4 mins faster than last years winning time.  He is an incredible swimmer, the bike speaks for itself and a very good runner.  The swim and bike are very tough in St. Croix which will give him an advantage.  I predict his first 70.3 win! On June 2nd, I am competing in the Honu 70.3 in Kona, Hawaii, this is another race on Lance's schedule, looking forward to meeting him.  Go Lance Go, please come in at 4:07:11 so I can win this "Facebook Cycling Jersey"!  Here's the link to Lance's official Facebook page

Ok, so I missed guessing his time by 3 seconds. Pretty close, but someone guessed within 1 second. The next best was seeing him race up and down the Queen K on the Big Island and how he made it look effortless.  He won Ironman Hawaii 70.3 and broke the record.  After the race he signed autographs and I managed to get this self taken photo "BFF style" with my cycling hero, Lance Armstrong.  Hope he doesn't let this latest USADA B.S. get him down, what a witch hunt!!