The Average Patient

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We couldn't help but let you know about our own Viral Videos that can now be licensed for your practice.  See the trailer below.

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The power of the Internet is being realized by an angry dentist AKA AngryDDS that decided to used a free animated movie making platform called  If you can think of a script and dialogue, you can make a movie.  What's amazing is this video launched at the beginning of August 2010 has received over 260,000 views between the dentists channel AngryDDS and the Xtranormal video views.  Its a classic example of a video with humor targeting a niche audience getting passed around exponentially.  I first learned about the video through a dental client of mine that emailed the video.  He wasn't sure I would get the humor being a non-dentist but I certainly did and found the video to be very entertaining and well done.  We just wondering if he'll be a one hit wonder :-) or become a script writer for funny dental animations.  It essentially makes shows the day to day life of a dentist in a world where all patients want is white teeth and Zoom teeth whitening regardless of whether its right for the situation.   You can video the average patient video below.

The patient doesn't want x-rays or an exam, just whitening!  The animated dentist notes the average patient has missing teeth, bad gums and smelly breath and wants to refer her to a specialist.  The patient insists on asking for Zoom whitening until the Angry DDS eventually boots her out of the office.  

This video inspired other dentists around the world to sign up to Xtranormal and make their own sequel videos.  Why was the video successful.  Here are some of our thoughts.

1.  The video was unique to the dental market in that no other dental videos or spoofs done in the past used animated characters.  If someone did do one it wasn't passed around.

2.  Its targeting a niche audience (dentists) that are active online.

3.  The interaction between Angrydds and average patient escalated into swearing and profanity.  Its probably what mosts dentists would love to say given the same circumstances. It had some shock value to it when the "F" words were dropped. Shock and humor are two popular common denominators for viral videos.

The Power of Marketing

Now, lets talk about the other side of the coin which is the power of direct to consumer marketing.  The request for Zoom teeth whitening is a perfect example,  Zoom got its popularity from the Extreme Makeover show and has since been the most sought out whitening system on the market through years of consumer marketing.  Whether you like it or not, marketing is powerful and will only become more important in the years to come.  This average patient was influenced so much by marketing that it didn't matter what the Angry dentist said, that's all the patient wanted.  

Take some of these lessons and start marketing your practice more. If you want to be the veneer expert, sleep apnea king or sedation queen in your market, step up to the plate and market yourself and invest like you do in your technology.  Make sure you have the training and have a solid product ( your abilities and credentials can deliver the expected results to your patients ) and you will be super successful.  As a web marketing company, we see so many docs spend $45,000 to $150,000 on modern technology only to have it collect dust, why because nothing was left over to the let the world know you have the technology and how it can help them. 

We understand the profession and love helping the average dentist develop extraordinary practices through dental web marketing so that you less of the Average Patient :-) and more of the patients you want.  

See our price of veneers episode below made using Xtranormal.