Apps for Dentists - iPhone and Android Applications for Mobile Phone is always on the cutting edge of technology.  Call us for iphone apps and android applications for dentists, we can help you.  There are many ways to create free iphone or droid apps for dental use if you have some technical skills and are willing to put in some time.  Social media and mobile phone marketing is growing at alarming rates so its important to stay ahead of the curve.  One of the best ways to learn is to go out a buy an iPhone or Android for yourself and play with it.  We use the Droid X here at Veneer Video.  You really can't go wrong with either phone.  With the arrival of the Droid X, a serious competitor to the iPhone.  Blackberry still has the lead on users, apple iPhone was quickly catching up, now that the Droid X has arrived along with other great versions like the incredible.  Android sales are surpassing iPhone.  Read Here

We love Apple products, the brand itself is amazing we use final cut pro for video editing, motion, macbook pro's, imac's mobile me etc etc etc. However we think the iPhone will lose significant ground to the Android phone in the coming years for many reasons especially as Google refines the platform and the experienced phone makers like Motorola keep making better devices, they have been making phones a lot longer than Apple and now with Google Android O/S and with massive amounts of capital they will be a tough one to beat.   There still is no comparison with conversions for a dental office between ranking high in Google for a relevant search term or having an active Facebook page.  Businesses get conversions from Google and while Facebook has a giant user base advertising dollars spent in Facebook as a general rule have not been converting as well.  We can see possibilities of Facebook becoming a subscription fee just like your mobile phone, kind of like a social club.  Its a great place to socialize and have a business presence but somebody has to pay for all that bandwidth and the advertising dollars although growing need to convert better to sustain the growth.  It potentially could be the best place to target a demographic (age, location, interests etc) because of how profiles are set up but you still can't beat a relative keyword search in Google  like "fix teeth gaps in Beverly Hills" the person that searched on this term specifically asked for the results, Facebook is not a search engine to find products and services its a communications platform.

We suggest dentists wanting an app for your dental practice get an android app as well.  In the long run there will be more Android users than iPhone users and they are backed by powerful Google.

When it comes to new technology we make sure there will be a benefit before offering it to the dental community.  We have observed many dental marketing services sold on hype and high pressure, "if you don't do this now"  the opportunity will be forever gone.  While we do stress the importance of being an early adopter of technology trends.  We registered long before the hype started, just another example of being ahead of the curve.  If you want a one on one consultation about create an iPhone or Android app for your dental practice give us a call. 

If nothing else, having an app for your dental office shows you are in tune with the times and without saying anything, must be a tech saavy office.