America's Coolest Dental Practice Smile Stylist Gets Our Vote

Recently one of our long time clients and friends, The Smile Stylists Drs. Jason and Colleen Olitsky got into the finals to win America's Coolest Dental Practice in Dental Economics Magazine.  One of the leading dental industry trade publications for those that aren't familiar with it.  We market a lot of cool dental practices, cool dentists and create coolness but when looking at the Smile Stylists chances at winning the competition we think its a slam dunk.  Lets look at some facts.  Websters dictionary defines cool in this context as a) very good or excellent and b) hip and fashionable.

Lets start with some recent credentials that back up the branding and emotional connections they make with there patients.  Dr. Jason is now an accredited member of the AACD, in fact I believe he is the youngest in the world to be an accredited member.  Dr. Colleen just had an enormous success getting her book "The Naked Tooth" published and on the shelves at Barnes and Noble and on with great reviews.  Its essentially a book that helps consumers avoid cosmetic dental nightmares by choosing a smile makeover dentist properly.

They both have been featured in numerous magazines locally in Jacksonville and in nationally recoginized fashion magazines.  They have numerous patients that have given video testimonials about their experiences.  The office itself is amazing filled with amenities that resemble that of a 5 star spa.  Watch their office tour and photo shoot that all smile makeover patients receive in their office.

The Smile Stylist was on Youtube in 2006 long before it was cool and how many dentists are cool enough to beat box for a leading women's athletic apparel brand.  Watch the Smile Stylist Beat Box Video on Youtube. 

They videos of their patients modeling their smiles in Jacksonville area fashion shows.  How cool is that?  Watch the fashion show videos.

Instead of having some common dental name they chose to call themselves Smile Stylist, its unique and a federally registered dental trademark. 

To top it off, in the process of creating the Smile Stylist dental portrait photography DVD he is a successful paparazzi in Beverly Hills getting some of the best shots of the night.  See him in action 13 seconds into the video linked above.

Their tagline is Fashion, Beauty, Smiles.  Both Colleen and Jason dress and look the part, have the credentials, peer support and have a passion for dentistry.  They definitely get our America's Coolest Dental Practice Vote by a long shot.

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