Action Filming on Rollerblades - Videography on Inline Skates

Enjoy some raw behind the scenes footage of another VeneerVideo dental video production.  One of special videography skills is filming action scenes on rollerblades.  Using inline skates to film action scenes gets a super high production value considering the traditional methods of getting the same shots.  This scene is of one of the dental assistants on her way to work with a funny twist.  Outside of the dental office this assistant is a Roller Derby Girl.  The final video will be high andreanaline action packed and very funny.  Need a viral video or something to give your practice marketing a liitle spice give us a call today 646-761-7887. 

See another VeneerVideo production filmed on Rollerblades

We love combining our sporty nature and videography and are willing to take some risks to get you that high end shot on a lower budget.  This was a scene filming a millionaire type scene for a corporate trade show video. The opening scene walking to the sports car and to the scene walking to the private jet was filmed on Rollerblades.