Cerec Oklahoma City Same Day Porcelain Crowns With Kevin Rykard

Dr. Kevin Rykard an Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist is always adding innovative technology to his dental office. He helps nervous patients get over their dental fears with sedation dentistry "a type of sedation called oral conscious sedation" which allows Dr. Rykard to get the majority of of your dental work done in one visit. 

Apps for Dentists - iPhone and Android Applications for Mobile Phone

Justin Bieber U Smile Teeth and Smiles Are Important

Its not everyday we write about pop stars and their teeth.  Justin Bieber, a Canadian born pop icon that was born in Stratford, Ontario recently relesed a new music video.  The Just Bieber U Smile video is sending crazed fans into an even bigger frenzy and the lyrics say it all.  When you smile, I smile .... Justin Bieber is yet another person that it not only talking about the importance of great teeth but singing about it :) well...

Bill Dorfman Marketing Lecture at Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


The Average Patient

All the Angry Dentist - Zoom Animation Info is Below
We couldn't help but let you know about our own Viral Videos that can now be licensed for your practice.  See the trailer below.

Montgomeryville Dentist Offering Spa Like Dental Treatments Launches Site

Montgomeryville cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Beth Skovron launches new video website for patients.  This highly personable Montgomeryville dentist is known for her spa-like amenities that make dental visits to her practice one that more closely resembles a trip to a Montgomeryville day spa.  Dr. Skovron even has her own oxygen bar! 

Standing Out in a Crowded Dental Marketplace

Handling Inbound Calls

How you handle an inbound phone call from your marketing is extremely important to your success.  Many practices have successful marketing campaigns but fail to get the results ( patients ) they are looking to attract for a variety of reasons.  The first impression when a prospect makes the call is so important.  Is your call handler upbeat and friendly?  Do they project a sense of excitement about your abilities as the dentist?  Too many times a poor or untrained call taker will hurt the conversion process. 

Video Blogging

AACD Dallas

Currently at the AACD dallas for the annual scientific session.  Amazing speakers, and social media is definitely the hot topic for marketing.