Ace Social Media and Dental Marketing Meeting Dallas, Texas

We are excited about the upcoming ACE social media and dental marketing meeting in Dallas, Texas.  This is one dental seminar/conference you don't want to miss.

Discus Dental Wall Art No Longer Available?

One of the first things you notice when walking into a cosmetic dental office is those beautiful smiling people on the walls with perfect teeth.  For many dentists trying to break into the cosmetic market it was hard to have your walls covered with your own patients smile makeovers. Even if you had photos of your own cases would they be esthetic enough to put up on your walls.  We're talking about  those nice black and white photos, shots with models on white back drops and showing people from every age, race and demographic smiling perfectly. 

Roller Derby Dental Assistant Rolls to Work - Filming on Rollerblades

As you are probably aware, VeneerVideo tends to get outside-the-box when it comes to video production for the dental industry.  We love to entertain and have met so many great dentists and their teams along the way that have really cool personalities and hobbies that others are attracted to.  We always try to incorporate some personality into the videos to make them memorable and stand out. Building a strong dental practice is more about the ability to connect with people than the technical skills.

Jumping Cholla Attacks Our Videographer in Scottsdale Arizona Blooper

VeneerVideo is always willing to go the extra mile to get the shots other won't or can't due to the dangers.  Whether its rollerblading while holding an expensive video camera, or filming in the desert with the potential for rattle snakes to attack or in this case a "Jumping Cholla"  You may ask why were were filming a dental video production in the Desert and specifically why a mountain biking scene?

Facebook Unlike Campaign for Scottsdale, Arizona Dentists

While everyone is trying to gain "likes" on their dental Facebook pages, there's a team of Scottsdale dentists that may start an unlike campaign.  Why?  The practice has a extensive experience producing smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, dental implants, invisalign and other cosmetic procedures and gave their facebook page a title that is cosmetic "only" focused and have possibly missed out on opportunities to help patients just seeking a general dentist.

Killian Dental an Orange County Cosmetic Dental Lab

Killian Dental, an experienced Orange County cosmetic dental lab launches new promotional video.  Killian Dental Ceramics have been serving the needs of the dental community for over 15 years under the direction of brothers Greg and Steve Killian, CDT.  The lab has all the latest technology and resources to serve your needs.  Searching for a new dental laboratory with experience in digital impressions, cad/cam technology, veneers, implants and more? Visit Killian Dental

Action Filming on Rollerblades - Videography on Inline Skates

Enjoy some raw behind the scenes footage of another VeneerVideo dental video production.  One of special videography skills is filming action scenes on rollerblades.  Using inline skates to film action scenes gets a super high production value considering the traditional methods of getting the same shots.  This scene is of one of the dental assistants on her way to work with a funny twist.  Outside of the dental office this assistant is a Roller Derby Girl.  The final video will be high andreanaline action packed and very funny.

Susie Soleimani Photography - Amazing Digital Dental Imaging in 3D Cone Beam - Orthodontic

Three Dimensional Scans - The Future in Orthodontic Imaging - Presented by Susie Soleimani an Amazing Photographer and Dental Management Consultant

We are an industry that focuses on three-dimensional planes of space. Yet our imaging, until now, has been capturing only two dimensions. My purpose today is to illustrate some of the advantages presented by 3 dimensional imaging technology.

Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Scientific Session

VeneerVideo is honored once again to produce the promo videos for the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's annual session in Orlando.  The 2011 meeting has a great lineup of speakers including David Hornbrook and Paul Homoly.  In 2012 world renowned Italian dentists Dr.

Porcelain Veneers Scottsdale, Arizona - Thin or Minimal Prep Veneers?

If you've been searching for a cosmetic dentist that improves smiles with porcelain veneers in Scottsdale, Arizona you've probably got questions about minimal prep or no prep veneers.