March 2011

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Mobi Dental Websites Mobile Sites for Dentists Optimized for Smart Phones

There is a lot of myth about the benefit of .mobi dental websites going around these days.  Had to post this and will expand in the coming days.  Do not get caught up in the hype of a .mobi domain name. It was super hot years ago and what's most important is you have a view of your existing domain that will navigate well on Smart Phones.  We can show countless examples where there are .mobi sites built for dentists and traditional websites built in the same city.  The .mobi site does not outrank on mobile search.  Save your money.

Beat Boxing Dentist the Smile Stylist Has Skills

The beat boxing dentist Dr. Jason Olitsky, the co-founder of the Smile Stylist brand with wife Dr. Colleen Olitsky has got some serious beat boxing skills.  He is one of the youngest if not the youngest AACD accredited dentist, has a thriving cosmetic dentistry practice changing smiles everyday with veneers and other cosmetic treatments, he teaches dental portrait photography and yes he can Beat Box.  

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