Ashley Hebert Dentist on The Bachelor - Philadelphia Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Season is Officially Underway.  Look forward to tonights episode with Ashley the Dentist. 

We blogged and video blogged about Ashley's journey on the Bachelor so disregard our old info below. For you east coasters hold off on the emails :-) were 3 hrs behind!

Spoke to a past contestant that knows someone that is going to be on the show for the wrong reasons.  His name is Bentley.  Ashley is concerned he's here for the wrong reasons.  She admits having regret for not leaving her heart out on the field with Brad.  This season of the Bachelorette is different, she is open and will be letting her feelings out. The host Chris mentions there's a single dad and a fellow dentist contestant.  Ashley gets sooooo excited.  

First one out of the limo, Ryan the Solar Executive from Corona Del Mar, thought he was pretty hot by her reaction.  Lucas the Oil executive comes out, she likes how he smells.  Mickey the Chef from Cleveland tries to give Ashley a kiss and gets denied big time!!  Tim the liquor distributor gets out not too many sparks.  Tim gets out and gets some points for speaking french to Ashley.  Steven the wine maker gets out and gives her a kiss on the cheek.  West the lawyer fom Chapin, SC introduces himself as the opposite of East hands Ashley a compass, definitely a creative introduction.  Its in case she gets lost along the way.  Anthony the butcher from NJ a little odd.  Ames the marathoner runner and portfolio manager in NY, hands her ballet tickets.  Matt the office supply salespersondoes a unique handshake.  Jeff the freaky entrepreneur from St Louis comes out in a mask and decides to keep it on all night.  The guys make fun of him, stating he's obviously trying to hide something.  

Ben F the winemaker from Sonoma pours her a glass of wine and states he brushed his teeth 8 times today.  Good sense of humor.   Frank a college admissions director picks her up and dances with her, trying a little too hard.  Michael a technology sales person, states he was excited for the first time to see a dentist.  Ryan M from Royal Oak, MI, takes a few photos with his camea  JP Construction Manager from NY, sees a little smitten with JP. Nick the personal trainer from Tampa, recites a poem to her.  Blake is a dentist from Greenville, SC quick uneventful intro.  

The infamous Bentley comes out and introduces himself, she has a funny look on her face.  She gets floss ties on to her finger, another sign of dental affection.  She thinks Bentley is good looking.  

Ryan pulls her away right away when she goes into the house to meet the guys.  Talks about his 600 person Solar Company.  Ben F is a winemaker and talks about his Internet marketing and wine business.  The mamas boy calls his mom while with Ashley the first time, Gayle the mom is loved by Ashley. Chris D and the Canadian get interrupted by the guitar playing or should we say faking. Jeff where's a mask because he says its what counts on the inside not the outside.  The other guys thinks its creepy, tension and drama is starting.  Ben C a Lawyer from New Orleans speaks French and loves his energy, loved the card thing.  He held cards out with sayings to get her attention.  Tim was a little hammered, too much to drink he couldn't even speak to her. His title is liquor distributor but he he acted more like a liquor drinker, completely smashed.  Tim eventually passes out and snores like a mad man.  Ashley should make a dental sleep appliance for him, maybe he has sleep apnea. She tries to wake him up, eventually he comes around and gets sent home by Ashley.  

So Jeff with the mask finally meets Ashley, he states its just temporary and Ashley felt it was sincere.  Lets ee what happens.  Definitely weird!!  She talks about dental school at UPENN 

Bentley is from Tampa with a daughter named Cozy, talks about his marriage of a couple years and divorce.  The story about Bentley does not match what she sees in him personally.  

Ryan from Corona Del Mar gets the first impression rose, she loved his energy and their first conversation.  

The first guy she picks in the rose ceremony one the Jeff the Masked Man,  obviously scripted for drama.  

She saves Bentley for last, another if you like him, pick him last.  

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On this season of the Bachelor, Brad Womack is his second time around has to choose his future wife.  Many of these bachelorettes have beautiful white smiles and amongst them is dental student Ashley Hebert, giving more nationwide plugs for healthy gums, dental hygiene and cosmetic dentistry.  In this episode Ashley H goes up against Ashley S in a 2 on 1 date with the Bachelor in Las Vegas.  Both Ashley's get to perform in a Las Vegas show and the pressure is on because only 1 Ashley will get the rose.  They will perform in front of a sell out crowd of 1840 people in a live show.  Our bachelorette dentist is very friendly with Ashley S however business is business or shall we say love is love and wants to move on and get the rose.  He only gets to perform with one woman in the show and has to make some tough decisions.  Reality TV shows like this or scripted reality as some call it are very entertaining but why is it that very few if any of these contestants have ever walked up to the Bachelor and said, I'm outta here, I think you're a jerk.  Its not natural for everyone after a few dates to want to stay in the game for love. 

And the verdict of the Ashley S vs. Ahley H is......... Ashley Hebert the dentist wins! Ashley S was very upset about the deision Brad made and we hear that it was the "most difficult decision" he had to kae for the umpteenth time. 

In the performance Ashley wears an airmail costume swinging high above the stage with Brad wearing camo pants and a tight Sgt shirt dancing to an Elvis song in the Viva Elvis show by Cirque du Soleil, Season 15, episode 5.  Dentistry will ultimately get more exposure if Ashley Hebert can hang in there, dentists that want to support Ashley in her quest to be Brad's pick can visit her Facebook page. Ashley Hebert Dentist Facebook Page

Brad Womack gives his therapist Jamie a call to get advice on moving forward so he doesn't fall back into his old ways of shutting down.  He's advised to open himself up and become vulnerable.  If Ashley Hebert does win, Brad will get free whitening for life!  Go Ashley Go, get a win for dentistry and ultimately your heart.

UPDATE Ashley H the Dentist in Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot

Ashley H on this episode gets to do a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue along with Michelle the hair stylist and Chantal.  Shot by Rafael Mazzuco, the photographer both Ashley and Chantal O go topless (although covering up) in the photo shoot and when Michelle decides not to go topless but agressively jump on Brad and kiss him.  Michelle and Ashley H your dentist get uneasy about it.

Ashley H said she felt like the "little sister" in comparison to the chemistry she witnessed with Michelle and Brad.  She was second guessing the connection she has with Brad.   Both Ashley and Chantal feel Brad is shutting down.

Brad decides he wants to take Ashley for a private walk away from Michelle and Chantal and gives our favorite Bachelor dentist Ashley a rose, and she accepts.  Next visit, the parents.  The other two girls and really upset especially Chantal who breaks down crying.  Congrats Ashley you made it to the "Final 4" !

Brad Meets the Parents and Family in Madawaska

Brad liked the hometown feel of Ashley's town, Brad gets a chance to sit down with Ashley's dad.  Ashley admits that if she got a proposal today she would want to learn more about Brad and their relationship, Ashley's brother liked the answer.  Probably a wise one, considering the little time they have spent together.  Open and honest has been Ashley from the start. The dad made it very clear she is very driven and has no plans of stopping her education or her career aspirations as a dentist.  Brad indicated that is a conversation he has to have with Ashley.  She also admits that she is really falling for Brad and the hometown visit has made things more real, a stepping stone to building a future relationship.  Brad loved the small town feel of Ashley's hometown, Ashley showed Brad where she got her first job working in a local restaurant.  Brad had poutine ( fries, cheese and gravy)  a french dish that is sure to wipe away any six pack abs.  While at the restaurant Ashley commented on seeing one of Brad's crowns.  We love the dental plubs Ashley, keep it up! 

Watching the Shawntelle hometown visit was quite the contrast from comments about dental crowns.  Brad gets a tour of the family crematorium and gets kind of freaked out over death and Shawntelle's job.  We're not sure if he could handle being a married to a funeral director. Shawntelle thought it was a big step that brought could walk into a funeral home and lie down on a prep table.  Now off to meet the parents.

Prior to the rose ceremony Brad indicated he felt most comfortable with Ashley H's parents at their Maine home, however Ashley is the only one who has yet to express publicly that she is falling in love with Brad.  The Bachelor made it very clear it was more important to decide based on his feelings and that true love would come out in the end. Ashley our Bachelor dentist now has a 33% chance of winning, she made it to the final 3.  She'll be up against Emily from Charlotte, and Shawntelle O from Seattle.  They will be off to South Africa to built the relationship, the trailers look like there will be some good Bachelor drama.  Till next week, our future DDS is looking good.

Breaking News Ashley the Dentist Gets Sent Home - February 28th

Its over for our dentist favorite.  We were working late building some websites and videos for dentists so we missed the first half hour when Brad was with Chantal, but we did see the dates with Emily and Ashley.  Sparks were definitely flying with Emily as they both professed they were falling in love with each other, we felt that last week but this confirmed it.  As for Ashley, we saw a real turn in the relationship.  The communication part just wasn't there, it was like pulling teeth.  They started the date out on a helicopter ride in South Africa, this was a great fear of Ashley's but she overcame it and took in the beautiful sites with Brad.  The landed on top of a mountain and started a more serious conversation.  She used words like "someone I really care about"  not the word "love" which is what we saw between Brad and Emily earlier.  When asked where she wanted to live?  She never once mentioned Austin or something like "Wherever you want to live Brad " ..... She wants to be a great dentist, go to conferences and we'll probably see you at the 2011 AACD meeting in Boston :-)  Brad mentioned Ashley reminded him of how he was like about 10 years ago, working super hard and pursuing career aspirations and basically being out of balance.  This comment got Ashley thinking and the date got worse from there.  She feels they want the same things, she is very career oriented and wants to be superwoman.  Brad told her she didn't have to be just that they needed to get on a path togther and have balance.  When questioning Ashley about the "future living arrangements"  he seemed upset that Austin didn't come up at all.  Ashley, self admittedly has a hard time explaining herself and mentioned to Brad that he just has to have faith and know that she cares about him alot.  The "care" word is not what we think Brad wanted to here.   Comments like "I just want you to do what's best for you"  from Ashley seemed to be one sided, Brad really wanted to hear the words "Us" 

He presents the letter for the invitation to the Fantasy suite and Ashley the dentist accepts.  The date continues to get worse, there sitting in this romantic room with champagne and they talk about "mosquito nets"  really??  Not much more to say other than the chances of a future DDS getting the final rose were looking pretty slim. 

During the final rose ceremony, all three ladies were standing there and Brad asks Ashley to step aside so they could talk privately.  The bottom line is he tried one last attempt to communicate and it didn't happen, so he decided to say goodby to Ashley outside of the ceremony so he wouldn't have to put her through that.  He meant more to her so he broke the news as gently as you could on a reality show.

Ashley was visibly upset and the departure was awkward, the hug was weak and there was no kiss goodbye.  We think Emily is going to win, even though we didn't see Brad with Chantal tonight.  The love eyes were lit up when Brad and Emily were together.  At least Emily has straight white teeth and a beautiful smile.  On that note, dentistry still gets a win.  To Ashley the dentist, dental student, bachelorette on the Bachelor best of luck in your dental career and when you need to get your dental website and attract your first patients give us a call we'd be glad to help :-)

Thanks for tuning in and good night!

Ashley Hebert Dentist The Next 2011 Bachelorette?

There's alot of chatter in the blogosphere that our VeneerVideo favorite Ashley the bachelorette dentist is going to be the next Bachelorette.  If this is true, the future of dentistry is looking really bright.  Smiles are around the corner.  What a way to start your dental career, get national TV exposure on the Bachelor, , supercharge the exposure by becoming the next Bachelorette, graduate dental school and Ashley the DDS is off to superstardom and who knows maybe with a new hubby.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Monday, March 7, 2011

On tonights episode of the The Bachelor - Women Tell All we are going to hear from all the women that were sent home packing.  What really happened behind the scenes?  Is Michelle Money really the villain she was edited to be and will we find out if Ashley Hebert becomes the next Bachelorette?  Tonight will be interesting to hear how everything played out.  In South Africa, Brad professed he was falling in love with Emily and the feeling was mutual so it was likely the date with Ashley was not going to develop any further love connection unless of course he was falling in love with multiple girls at the same time.  Reality show or not, that would be hard for any experienced bachelor to do. 

Ashley Hebert in the Hot Seat on The Women Tell All

Ashley admits her defences may have made her miss out on a great guy. She feels she and Brad had an unspoken connection, a gut feeling told her there was a definite connection. After the first carnival date she stated there was something she hadn't had for so long.  She admits she was in love with Brad and wishes she should have reacted different in some situations.  She is excited to start dating again. Chris commented on her natural brunette look and states brunettes have more fun.  She feels like a changed woman.  She mentions to Chris she wants to apologize for not opening up to Brad.  

Brad Womack comes out and comments on Ashley H's new look.  Ashley apologizes for not opening up, and thanks Brad for the time they had together.  Ashley talks a lot about regret, Brad mentions they spent so much time reassuring each other instead of building the relationship.  Ashley insisted on a hug from Brad.

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