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NEW Stock Dental Commercials - Get an Exclusive License

NEW Dental Speaker Website and Video Launched for Dr. Jason Olitsky

Welcome to VeneerVideo.com the cosmetic dentistry video marketing leader. Veneer Video has always been on the cutting edge of Internet dental marketing, through our dental directories we built up from the ground up such as DentalFind.com and many other niche dental marketing sites which recently became part of the Internet Brands family of websites. We have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing on the Internet.

NEW Customizable Stock Dental Commercials and Viral Videos for Dentists

We are excited to launch our release of Veneer Video virals for the dental community, attract smile makeover inquiries, sleep apnea patients, sedation cases, implant and denture patients using our Hollywood style 30 second dental commercials.  Get a high budget dental commercial for a fraction of what it would cost to do on your own!

Dental Video Search Engine Optimization Services

Video marketing is the future of the Internet, today there is an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and receive the maximum benefit video Internet marketing has to offer. We can shoot, edit and optimize video for your practice and submit these videos to your Google Plus page for business,  Youtube and Vimeo. Submitting videos to Youtube and various video sites will increase your exposure on the Internet in the fastest growing area of search engine marketing.

Make Money While You Sleep!

Ask us about dental ecommerce opportunities.  How to sell products online via your dental website.  Sell teeth whitening products and more.  Need more dental seminar sign ups? We can help.

Dental Video Website Development

There are many ways to use video on the Internet to market your practice. The first is adding video to your existing website and the second is building a direct marketing dental video website from scratch. Both have their advantages and we can provide both services. Every dentist that wants to compete for business on the Internet and will eventually have to have some form of video content on their dental website to maintain the standards that are currently being reached by some on the Internet. Some companies are marketing "media centers", this is essentially adding a video player to an existing website This on its own is positive, but very quickly will just become a "me too" type product and this use of video will not differentiate yourself from another practice. By building a dental video website from scratch you will be able to take full advantage of the technology available to you to create a unique and custom website that meets its objectives.

We Choose Us for Web Video?

We have historically always been ahead of the curve when it comes to new trends online and how dental practices can take advantage of these trends.  Long before many other companies caught on, we were giving seminars about dental marketing with video and how it will impact practice marketing.  Watch this short video clip from 4 years ago!!  This was at a time when very few dentists if any had Youtube channels.  Join us on your Internet marketing journey and we'll help you navigate the ever changing waters of web marketing for long term success. We live, eat, sleep and breath dentistry!

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